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Caregivers - What to Expect In Therapy

There are many types of outpatient therapy. Sessions may take place with individuals, groups, and / or families.

Generally, you can expect that therapy will:

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  • Educate the child and caregiver about the type of treatment model and the goals for treatment;
  • Help the child and the caregiver establish or re-establish a sense of safety;
  • Give the child and caregiver tools for dealing with overwhelming emotional reactions and other behavioral issues; and
  • Allow the child and / or caregiver an opportunity to talk and play in a safe, accepting environment.

Additional information:

  • Caregivers should expect to be involved in the treatment process.
  • The number of sessions required will depend on the type of treatment offered by the therapist.
  • Sessions may take place once a week or more.
  • All of the therapists on the North Carolina Child Treatment Program’s roster accept Medicaid and other forms of insurance.